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Dr. Taber’s roots in agriculture run deep. Born to a military family, she helped operate her family’s small holdings and took field, garment shop, and factory jobs to pay for school. At a young age, Sarah learned that romanticizing farms doesn’t put food on the table. Agriculture has to be a viable livelihood or it’s just not worth doing.

In the years since, Sarah has made a career of bringing new people into agriculture and helping farm businesses grow. Now, she's on a mission to help North Carolina put our countryside to work and grow our economy as our next Commissioner of Agriculture.

Three Questions To Put Our Countrysides To Work For Everyone

North Carolina has a unique opportunity to grow our farm sector and develop our rural economy, but we need to invest in our countryside to get there. Sarah’s three-part plan will allow us to grow by focusing on three key areas:

What do we grow?

Who makes a living in agriculture?

How do we do business?

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